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Engineering and assembly

At SERCAME we have a team with wide experience in the design, manufacture and assembly of custom-built machinery. Since 1992 we have successfully developed a multitude of projects that have met our clients’ expectations and that have served us to continue to innovate in search of efficiency, maximum operability and safety.

Ingenieria3-D design is at the cutting-edge of graphics generation technology. In the SERCAME Engineering Department we work with programs that facilitate interaction with the machine and that simulate certain situations and review the product from all its angles.

autocad-logo2-D design is also present when needed by the project, due to its simplicity, economy and lightness.

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Our Assembly Department has the experience and capacity necessary to manage projects for any electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic machine, ensuring that the commissioning is completed successfully on schedule.

Our staff has travelled to Brazil, India and Russia, among other countries, to fulfil commitments to clients.

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